The day after

Ok, so yesterday wasn’t some huge workout. Yes, I managed to jog a tenth of a mile longer than I had previously and hit a quarter mile but, damn, do I feel wiped out. I woke up exhausted, like I had pulled an all-nighter at work.

After my run-walk I made a shake with milk, fruit and protein powder. For the rest of the evening I had a banana, an apple, yogurt and some fresh broccoli. I think next time I’ll do a turkey sandwich. Maybe the exhaustion is from the food I ate later in the evening. Worth keeping track of that I guess.

I need to pick up some more workout clothes. I bought a base shirt at the Patagonia outlet store here in town and I used it for the three runs prior to yesterdays. Yesterday was just a t-shirt. The base layer shirt is wicking and close-fitting. I noticed a huge difference in my comfort level without it.

I also got some weird running socks with toe pockets; like a glove for your foot. I thought they would annoy me but I dig them. There are no seams around the toes so they’re very comfortable and don’t let your toes rub skin-on-skin as you move.

2 responses to “The day after

  1. toe pockets?? interesting…..!!! I shall have to check out these socks….

  2. They are Injinji Toe Socks if you’re interested.

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