Marathons are 26.2 miles long and a common time goal for amateurs is 4 hours. The pros do it in 2 hours plus change. I used to have a lot of respect for marathoners. It takes a lot of work and willpower to do anything for 4 hours straight, much less run. That was before I heard about ultrarunning.

Although I haven’t done any yet, I’m interested in trail running. It is what it sounds like. Running out in the woods, hills, mountains, country; pretty much anywhere NOT on a high school track, road or sidewalk. It’s supposed to be easier on your knees but I imagine it’s harder on everything else as you slip, slide and fall down cliffs.

You can run on well defined trails or you can make games out of it and do some geocaching or orienteering. This isn’t enough for some people so they do ultrarunning. Ultramarathons are distances longer than 26.2 miles. There are 50 and 100 mile ultramarathons and even longer events. Apparently for a 100 mile run a time of 24 hours is an incredible achievement. Some Ultramarathons are timed events lasting for multiple days.

That’s just absurd.

4 responses to “Ultrarunning

  1. I need to eat a power bar just after reading about all that running stuff your doing/planning on doing. Geesh….

  2. Just down the road from you is a big center for this type of thing, where they have been doing this for years. It’s called Camp Pendleton. Ask me how I know.

  3. Yeah, I’m not taking that bait.

  4. Ultra (trail) running is great fun compared to road running. Pavement pounding tends to get quite boring after an hour or two but running on trails, with ups and downs, twists and turns keeps the mind going and gives you a real sense of adventure that running on the road never does.

    Give it a try.


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