WOOP! I got a car! Hee!!

Ok.. calm down. Deep breath.

Sorry, but this is my first car since 1995. My last car was a Toyota Tercel that I gave to my sister when I moved. She promptly drove it into a house and totaled it. Granted, I’ve now bought a car that is probably as old as my last car, but that’s just getting picky.

Isn’t she pretty?

1991 BMW 525i

1991 BMW 525i

And it’s really just red. Camera phone + fluorescent lights = suckage

4 responses to “NEW CAR!!!

  1. whooohwoooo!!! whoop whoop! yayyyyy!!!
    that doesn’t mean you’re gonna be walking less, does it? 😉

  2. Congrats! Of course in keeping with your semi-martial-arts-exercise program, try Mr. Kesuke Miyagi’s, “Wax on – Wax off.”

  3. Whoa, it’s red hot!!! Congrats!!

  4. Waw!!! Its a nice Car …Engineering has come a long way

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