Exercise – July 22, 2008


Today’s program was brought to you by Pain and Agony. After only a week of running one minute and walking two minute intervals I am completely conditioned for that. Today I did two minutes of running and one minute of walking. I knew exactly when sixty seconds hit without looking at my watch. I’d run another sixty seconds and glance down at my watch to find out only ten seconds had passed. So I’d run some more. One minute twenty. And more. One minute twenty-two.

This watch is broken. I’m taking a taxi back home.

I managed four intervals, then skipped every other one and finished with number ten. Seven out of ten isn’t bad, right? By the end of the last two minute run I could feel muscle fatigue all over my legs, even up in my quads which hasn’t happened before. I might have to repeat this a couple of times until I can manage a full ten repetitions.

July 22, 2008

July 22, 2008


2 responses to “Exercise – July 22, 2008

  1. *shaking my head*
    that’s just nuts. i dunno if i’ll accompany you on THOSE runs, fyi.

  2. whenabirdgetsstuck

    Hey, stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say, KEEP IT UP! That is so great – it will get easier – soon this will be a joy. I promise!

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