After lamenting the fact that I haven’t lost any weight I was asked about my water intake. We’ve all heard you must drink eight cups of water per day or you will shrivel up and die a painful and very dry death. We also know that one must stay hydrated while working out to prevent one from bursting into a cloud of dust during one’s exercises.

I drink, at a minimum, 2.5 liters of iced tea every day. I also have a cup of hot green tea with my breakfast and a couple of tall glasses of water from time to time. It would sound like my water intake is just peachy but there’s always been a nagging doubt about the straight-up equivalent of iced tea to water.

Since the iced tea I use is caffeinated and caffeine acts as a diuretic, surely I’m losing some amount of water simply by drinking it. After some Google searching I wasn’t able to come up with anything concrete on the matter. Only one doctor online addressed the question by saying you would need to drink about 50% more iced tea to compensate. The rest of the intar-tubes search result was filled with unwashed masses “giving their two cents”.

Furthermore, I only use two tea bags for my 2.5 liter pitcher and 1 tablespoon of sugar. So there!

I could switch to a caffeine-free version of the tea. I think I’ll try that and see how many pee-trips I take throughout the day.

The May 2008 issue of Men’s Health has an interesting article entitled “Yes, You Were Born To Run”. The main focus of the article is about how humans evolved to run, and to specifically run for very long times in order to run down prey. Part of the article goes on to talk about how the human body is built to become dehydrated and that “runners have died of hyponatremia brought on by drinking too much liquid…”

All things considered, I think I’m getting plenty of water. I’m due for a new box of tea bags so I’ll switch to decaffeinated and see how that goes.


4 responses to “Water

  1. hah! well, while i’m with you for most of the way i lost you there towards the end.

    we humans retain water for the “just in case” scenario, similar to the way we hold on to our fat when we go to starvation mode. not drinking enough water, ironically, makes you hold on to the little water you do have keeping you bloated.

    and yes, while you CAN in fact drink too much water, (google “hold your wee for a wii”), it takes some effort to do so.

    in my opinion, you’re not giving your body the water it needs. normally, a decent amout of water would be 64oz. a day. you’re not sedentary (yay!), so you’re gonna need to drink more than that. so how about if you continue your tea drinking and stuff, but instead of drinking only 2 glasses in there, make sure you drink 64oz (8 glasses, or 4 pints, so many ways to look at it!)

    you ARE gonna pee a lot. don’t hold it. go pee! it’s good for you. but your body will adjust. do this for a week, and get back to me. 😉

  2. this discussion is OVER. hmph. :-p

  3. “runners have died of hyponatremia brought on by drinking too much liquid…” Yeah – I’m all the time hearing this, especially drinking and driving, etc., etc.

    Oh – never mind – you meant water.

  4. ^ hahahahah oh, dad.

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