Status Report

I ran three days last week. I forgot to start the timer on my Forerunner and missed a day’s worth of data though. I’ll just post the last one I have and we’ll start fresh this week. The Forerunner has been incredible annoying to at the beginning of my runs. It’s a GPS watch, and like all GPS’ it needs to lock on to a few satellites before it can zero in on your position. My other Garmin GPS takes just a few seconds regardless of my location or movement.

The Forerunner, though, was taking several minutes to lock on which meant I either lost 5-10 minutes of data at the start of my run or just stood around like a moron waving my arm around and yelling at my wrist. Where I live, I didn’t stand out.

I was complaining about this to a friend of mine who owns the same Forefunner. He said, “Didn’t you read the manual? You have to take the watch off and set it on the ground until it locks in.” Well of course I didn’t read the manual. That’s the first thing I throw away when I get a new toy. I keep the box and packing but that manual thing? Right out.

So for my next run I did just that. I turned on the GPS, took the watch off my wrist and set it down on the ground. I didn’t even have time to get out a, “phbbt, this is so stupid” before the damn thing beeped and was all ready to go.

One response to “Status Report

  1. I’d be careful laying it down. I heard that Forerunner only built 100 of those things. They are buying them back for 10 cents on the dollar – from the fastest runner.

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