Hate me if you want

Oct 24

It has to be said and I’m going on record to say it.

If you weigh more than 300lbs you should be required to buy 2 seats on a plane.

Originally there were 3 of us flying to London and we had the 3 seats of our row booked. When 1 of our group cancelled we gave up the middle seat.

You can see where this is going so I’ll fast-forward to boarding. My buddy and I had settled into our seats. The flight was almost ready to close up and as the group of 10 VERY large passengers had already found their seats I thought we were going to luck out.

A young man, a THIN man, boarded late and made his way back to our row. I’ll remember this moment forever with great regret. He glanced at the empty seat next to me, his ticket, then at the seat numbers and finally across the aisle at one of the VERY large passengers and opened his mouth to speak.

I’ll try to refrain from being too crass. Suffice to say I didn’t sleep at all having been forced half out of my seat into the aisle. I paid good money for that seat and considering how small they are I expected to have full use of it. My buddy was smashed up against the bulkhead and couldn’t even recline his seat. The passenger was so large the his armrest controls were enveloped by rolls of fat.

Not only were several passengers inconvenienced by these grossly overweight people, 2 gentlemen elected to get off rather than suffer through the flight. That delayed our flight another half hour.

I was completely exhausted when we arrived in London and I needed a chiropractor. I wonder if Continental will reimburse me for a massage?


One response to “Hate me if you want

  1. well that just sux. we witnessed a similar situation on our way back. roman fits in his seat fine. he could use more room in his legs, he’s about 6 feet tall. but it’s alright. a woman twice the width as he, (maybe more?) had a seat. we wondered where she was going to sit, and how. on his way to the bathroom, roman found here sitting with ANOTHER OBESE (thought not as large) woman in a two-seater! the less obese was sitting with her back up against the window, while the other occupied most of the other two seats. wtf? i didn’t want to go and look, i felt that would give me nightmares.

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