From London to Paris

Oct 27

Today we checked out of the nice Corus Hotel and headed to St Pancras to catch the Eurotrain down to Paris. It’s about a two and a half hour ride to Paris. I thought it would be more impressive but I guess I’ll have to go to Japan to see a really fast train. The ride was a bit annoying, or rather the passengers next to us were annoying. Three kids couldn’t decide whether to be hyperactive or cry the entire trip.

Once in Paris we made our way down from Gare du Nord to the Latin Quarter where are new hotel was located. Hotel St Jaques listed as a two star hotel. I guess a room with two balconies, a mural along one entire wall, large bathroom and bedroom counts as two star in Paris. It’s also perfectly located. The Latin Quarter is a great place. It’s a short walk to Notre-Dame and a few Metro stops. You could walk to quite a few popular sites from there. The neighborhood is very cool as well. I found plenty of neat shops right there.

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