Oct 26

It’s Sunday here in London. I’ve been here since arriving Friday morning and have been running around like a crazy person. I get back to the hotel so exhausted I haven’t had much energy to write up a blog post and get it online. That’s why you’ll see these posted all after I get back.

We are staying at the Corus HotelHyde Park. It’s a very nice place with renovated rooms and very close to the Tube. As implied, it’s right next to Hyde Park. While we waited for our rooms to be readied we took a walk through the park and saw the Princess Diana memorial.

We stopped at the very impressive British Museum and saw some of the Egyptian collection there then wandered down across the Millennium foot bridge to the Tate Modern and the Globe Theatre. Most of the rest of the time we spent at the markets around town. My favorite, which I remember well from my last trip about 9 years ago, was Camden Town. There’s a lot of goth and rave clothing and accessories for sale and just generally neat stuff.

I happened to catch sight of a boat using one of the small locks on the canal in Camden. I should have a few pics online a little later about that. You can view all the pictures, once they’re online, at the MrBitter Photos link over to the right.


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