Ok, I have the main set of pictures uploaded from my trip to London and Paris. I’m waiting on 2 rolls of black and white to come back later this week. These photos were taken with either my Nikon N2000 SLR or the camera in my Blackberry 8320.

Taking the film camera was a great experience but I think I’m fully ready to commit to a nice DSLR now. It’s good to learn on a film camera since you’re really forced to think about the shot before taking it, but there are just so many more advantages to digital. I’ve also been waiting for the DSLRs to get a bit more sophisticated. Time to save those pennies.

I lost a roll of color film. I think it had some shots from our last day in Paris. I remember taking some pictures from Montmartre and then I took some long exposures on Halloween when I got home. I think the roll never caught on the sprocket. When I took 24 exposures, I rewound the film but it didn’t do anything. When I opened the case it was fully rewound. Oh well. Just another reason to go all digital.

I was surprised that as many shots came out as well as they did. All of the low-light shots I had written off as a loss, especially the ones from the Catacombs and the sewers. Most of those were film shots and either handheld for a short 1 second exposure or on a tripod for 4-5 seconds. I’m a little impressed with myself.

You can find the link to my photos over at the right as MrBitter’s Photos or go directly to the gallery here.



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