The Election

I don’t care for politics. It bores or annoys me depending on my mood. I haven’t voted in many years since I believe an uninformed vote is just as bad if not worse than not voting at all.

This year was a bit different. I got my little California voters packet explaining all the propositions on the ballot and decided to make some informed choices at the polls. But I didn’t get a chance. Apparently, when you fill out all that paperwork at the DMV for your new car registration, or new license, or ‘change of address’ and you check the box that says, “Would you like to register to vote with this information?”, it doesn’t actually register you to vote. Who knew?

I wasn’t too worried or broken up about it. California is such a heavy blue state I figured I was safe anyway. I didn’t even bother watching the returns on TV or on the web as the polls started to close. But I did have my own indicator of who won.

At about 8:30 last night the whole town around me started screaming. People poured into the streets, cars were honking, bands started playing. That went on for about an hour and had a little encore around 3am when the bars let out. I assumed that Obama won but got up to check the ‘net just in case.

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