At least it's a turkey sandwich. ;)

At least it is a turkey sandwich.

The forecast called for 60 degree weather today so I packed a lunch, got the bike out and took off for a ride. Rode up 9 then took 236 through Big Basin Park, 35 up to La Honda and over to 1. I stopped at Pescadero beach for my Thanksgiving dinner then headed back down to home.

The road through Big Basin is fun. It’s a tiny, unmarked road barely wide enough for two cars.Big Basin

It was still a bit damp and wet leaves covered some stretches so I didn’t get too wild. I had a couple of heel-scrapes which is always exciting. My pegs are just a little forward of putting my feet right under me so my heels hang lower than the pegs. If I get too far over in a corner my heel drags on the pavement. Wee!

View from the cockpit

View from the cockpit



2 responses to “Thanksgiving

  1. Tough call on your priorities.
    Great food but a view of dining room walls


    Soggy sandwich and a view to kill for.

    You made the right choice.

  2. time well spent.

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