My Life Sucks

Finished up all my Christmas shopping today. How about you?

I was looking for inspiration for the last couple of gifts I needed so I drove over to Capitola to wander around the beach-side district. I’d driven past it a few times but never actually walked around. After getting about three minutes away from my parked car I had to turn back. It was too warm for the light jacket and I just had to drop it off.

Ahh, the last day of November.

Ahh, the last day of November.

It’s a very neat little downtown area. Kitchsy shops, touristy stuff and very tiny. Seems like a small-scale Santa Cruz. I want to say there’s a lot of Mediterranean influences to the architecture and layout.

Venice perhaps?

Venice perhaps?

Nope. No snow here.

Nope. No snow here.

I was thinking I needed to buy a nice overcoat for when I wear suits in NY on business. I might as well leave it there at the hotel I stay at all the time. Certainly don’t need it here.


2 responses to “My Life Sucks

  1. One more, “Oh, Gee. It’s so warm” post and all links to your site go in the toilet. This AM’s paper is calling for up to eight inches of snow just to the north of us – (and a little of our own.)

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