Catching Up

It’s been a while since I last wrote anything so I’ll just give a short update here to catch up.

On the running front I’m making progress. For the last week I’ve run every other day and I’m up to 1.3 miles at a constant jog. I even ran in the ran yesterday! Don’t get the wrong impression, I still hate all forms of exercise, but I was slacking for a few weeks and lost all my progress.  Gotta get back into the habit.

My new shoes, the Brooks Beast, aren’t cutting it. The part of the shoe that comes up the back and rests against your achilles tendon is lower on this shoe than any other shoe I’ve owned. While the shoe feels great just walking around, after I’ve been jogging for a bit a blister forms on the side of my achilles tendon. I guess it rubs it just the wrong way but I never notice until it’s too late.

So I’m back to the Brooks Adreneline and will order a new pair of those when I get back from my Christmas trip to see the family.

Looks like Winter rolled in this week. It rained all weekend and even dropped down into the mid forties on Sunday. I think yesterday was the first day I didn’t have the windows open at all.


One response to “Catching Up

  1. i think this post requires a shoe diagram.

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