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At least it's a turkey sandwich. ;)

At least it is a turkey sandwich.

The forecast called for 60 degree weather today so I packed a lunch, got the bike out and took off for a ride. Rode up 9 then took 236 through Big Basin Park, 35 up to La Honda and over to 1. I stopped at Pescadero beach for my Thanksgiving dinner then headed back down to home.

The road through Big Basin is fun. It’s a tiny, unmarked road barely wide enough for two cars.Big Basin

It was still a bit damp and wet leaves covered some stretches so I didn’t get too wild. I had a couple of heel-scrapes which is always exciting. My pegs are just a little forward of putting my feet right under me so my heels hang lower than the pegs. If I get too far over in a corner my heel drags on the pavement. Wee!

View from the cockpit

View from the cockpit



Good Ride Day

Finally got the bike out today. I don’t think I’ve ridden since I bought the car a few months ago. I pulled it out last weekend but the battery didn’t have enough juice to get the cold engine started so I had to cancel that one. Ended up putting the the battery on a charger and while waiting for that to do its job I replaced some fuses in the car. I have interior lights now! Wee!

I didn’t go far as I only had about an hour in the morning. I’m off to DC and NYC for a week on Sunday so I needed to run errands, clean the apartment, do laundry and pack. Ran up 9 through Felton and then back down to SC. I’m going to try and post some sort of Google Earth track or maybe just a screenshot. We’ll see how that goes. Until then, here’s a pic to make you jealous of the 70+ degree weather here on November 15.

Looking down at Monterey Bay. Monterey is across the water.

Looking down at Monterey Bay. Monterey is across the water.

The pic was taken from here.